Create Great helps breweries, landlords, managers and chefs increase covers and profitability at dining venues. Free of charge, Create Great will review a venue’s menu, target market, and trading experience and provide initial recommendations to reduce costs and increase profitability and covers.

We help new restaurant businesses create success quickly. We understand the difficulties and challenges of creating great dining venues and have particular experience in working with breweries to help new pub tenants quickly develop a profitable and sustainable dining experience without incurring high kitchen and staffing overheads.

We help seasonal businesses cope with fluctuations in demand. Our cuisine is ideal for venues that in season may serve hundreds of covers and out of season half a dozen! We will work with venues to achieve maximum profitability and kitchen flexibility year round.

We help food manufacturers reach exciting new markets.  We are always looking out for great new foods to supply to our fast growing customer base. We can draw on years of experience to help you develop and find markets for dishes that meet the Create Great criteria: the finest chef prepared cuisine provided for kitchen convenience, storage longevity and value.